Izzy Mandujano

Community Development & Building Coordinator

Phone: (815) 877-5432


Flood Buyout Program

In response to the historic 2008 flood that significantly disrupted lives and caused extensive damage in flood prone neighborhoods, we initiated a comprehensive flood mitigation program aimed at minimizing the financial and emotional toll of future flooding events. A key component of this effort is our Voluntary Flood Buyout Program.

This program seeks to reduce the vulnerability of our community to flooding by applying for federal and state grants. Awarded funds are used to purchase properties located in high-risk flood areas, thereby moving residents and structures out of harm's way. Once a property is acquired and demolished, it is transformed into open green space, serving both as a flood mitigation measure and a community asset.

Interested in participating? Here's how you can get involved:

1. Sign Up: Fill out the Notice of Voluntary Interest (NOVI) form available below.
2. Submit the Form: Return your completed form to Village Hall.
3. Join the Waiting List: Your property will be added to our waiting list. Selections are made based on the grant's criteria and the availability of grant funding.

Flood Buyout Program
Notice of Voluntary Interest & Information Sheet